Added Value Mission
Chief Editor

The global pandemic became a ­tipping point for rethinking the whole chain of legal service provision and consumption, thereby transforming companies strategically and operationally.

The most meaningful trend for the time being is, in my opinion, strategic client management and investment in client experience. It gives reasons for optimism, as it means that the competition moves from pure pricing to the level of producing premium added value. This is a competitive edge with the long-term prospect of capitalization.

The ever-changing business environment needs a prompt and advanced source of insight. Being published since 2003, this publication grows in synergy with its closeness to Ukrainian legal and business circles. In addition to its clear mission of connecting lawyers and clients, we have also tried to make it an ambassador of the Ukrainian state brand for foreign investors, presenting dedicated promotion videos.

Ukrainian Legal Market section paves the outlook on the areas of growth and decline, eye-catching transactions, disruptive trends and events throughout different segments of the marketplace.

Practice Areas and Industries Review brings concentrated content of unique insights into the business environment.

Our annual analytical research is presented in Who is Who in Ukrainian Law — with the section telling readers at a glance about the performance of legal counsel and the market picture. As always, we have done our best to make it well-structured, suitable, insightful and useful for all stakeholders.

Thankfully, we see genuine interest from Ukrainian readership and our audience from abroad. This inspires the team to disseminate the publication for the new markets and accelerate digitalization of its content.

The digital version is available on our web-site and at ­ISSUU digital platform.