Dear colleagues,

The brutal war which russia continues to wage against our Homeland has destroyed numerous human destinies, enterprises, plans and dreams.

Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary is no exception.

There is a strong call for continuing economic activity, maintaining our country’s economy and bringing our victory closer on all fronts of this war.

I have figured out various scenarios of the future ULF project, which is an essential part of our team’s professional life. Despite the situation in Ukraine, we have decided to relaunch our research activity.

This quite complicated decision is driven by the need to have a plan in place on how to rebuild our country, which should be launched immediately alongside our long-expected victory. In our opinion, English language analytics outlining the expertise of legal teams in Ukraine may become a powerful market intelligence source to speed up the rebooting of economic activity in our country.

For ethical and moral reasons, as many people have joined the armed forces and found themselves in difficult life situations, we have taken the decision to focus our attention on describing work projects for clients for the research period – 2021, but without the usual ranking tables. We truly believe that we should be united as never before, and hope you support our decision.

For 19 years we have published ULF as a bright, colorful printed magazine, and it was present at various business and legal forums.

As we are not sure how quickly our lives will return to normal, we are going to publish this 20th edition on–line at

Please feel free to give us your feedback and ideas.

We continue working with you and for you. Together to our victory!

Glory to Ukraine!

Olga Usenko


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