Licensing in Construction

To create conditions for Ukraine’s integration with the European Union in the field of construction, the government has to ensure the implementation of the EU – Ukraine Association Agreement provisions, in particular, the introduction of transparency (simplified licensing, permitting, approval procedures in the construction, etc.). The annual doing business ranking conducted by the World Bank […]

Exclusion of Russia from the United Nations Security Council

Why Russia should be excluded? On 24 February, one member state of the United Nations, the Russian Federation, invaded Ukraine and thereby violated almost all fundamental principles and rules of international law. The member of the United Nations (UN) with the veto right in the Security Council of the UN appeared to be the aggressor […]

Piercing the Immunity Protecting Russian Central Bank Assets: Not Yet?

The Russian full-scale re-invasion in Ukraine that occurred on 24 February 2022 has already inflicted billions of damages. Ukrainian defensive efforts are supported by diplomatic and economic pressure put on Russia. In this vein, sanctions and asset freezing have become one of the main mechanisms used by the international community to make Russia cease its […]

Analysis of the Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and Turkey: General Review

After almost 15 years of negotiations, on 3 February 2022, Ukraine and Turkey signed the Free Trade Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the Republic of Turkey (UA-TR FTA). This article is focused on the analysis of the potential effect of the UA-TR FTA for Ukraine.  General overview The UA-TR FTA […]